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Artists 2013

Jenni Ward

Jenni Ward – Hive Series

My work focuses on how organic forms interact and engage with the space they encompass. I create
abstract arrangements reflecting the biological world of seeds, pollens, bones, shells and entomology. My
pieces explore the tensions of opposing forces with results that evoke contrary feelings of unshackled
captivity, organized randomness and the density of negative space. At times I work in multiples; the forms
are often configured in simple geometric compositions to counter their organic nature. Using clay as my
primary medium, I develop these pieces with commonalities of shape, color, texture and movement. The
results are a series of work that strive to achieve a sense of beauty in their asymmetrical balance.
Jenni Ward is a sculptor, art instructor and owner of Earth Art Studio in Aptos CA. In 2005, she
opened Earth Art Studio; a sculpture studio offering clay and mixed media sculpture classes and
workshops for children, teens and adults. Throughout her teaching career she has worked extensively with
many youth and senior art programs. She is also the creative engine behind the humanitarian group;
HOPE Art which brings art to the youth of Haiti. In addition to teaching, she has been creating, showing
and selling her own sculptures since graduating from University of Hartford-Hartford Art School with a
Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1998. She exhibits her sculptures locally and nationally.

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