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Monica Chapon- 2012

Monica Chapon was born in Pittsburgh, PA and studied Glass at the Cleveland Institute of Art, where she earned her BFA. She also holds an MA in Art Education from Case Western Reserve University and an MFA in Ceramics from Cal State Fullerton. She has exhibited her artwork nationwide and specializes in glass and ceramic sculpture. She has taught art classes to all ages and is currently working in an art museum in Los Angeles.

The Cocoon forms are dealing with the themes of fragility and vulnerability. The clay is deteriorating as the glass is forming a new shell around it. A cocoon is supposed to be protective. But, interestingly, I am encasing one fragile material inside of another almost-equally fragile material. It is as if a new protective shell is being generated as the old shell dies, but it is not yet fully formed. This piece is about rebuilding and repairing; growing a thicker skin and becoming stronger.

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