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Coeleen Kiebert

Coeleen Kiebert received a Bachelor of Science, Fine Art from the University of Minnesota. She has attended both the Oomoto School of Traditional Japanese Arts in Kameoka, Japan, as well as the Chinese School of Traditional Painting in Beijing, China.

My inspiration for creating ceramic sculpture is to explore the unseen in order to make it more visible. This body of work, THE NAVIGATORS, is inspired by that realm after death which the Buddhists name “the Bardo”. These Navigators represent the traveling Self, well geared up with equipment for that journey.


While seeking meaning, I am also challenged to push the edges of ceramic technology and maintain good sculptural aesthetics. My clay is usually porcelain. I apply high and low fire glazes, copper and gold lusters and fire each piece several times. Found objects are finally embedded and a patina is applied for unification and a sense of timelessness.

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