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Artists 2013

Tony Perry

Tony Perry


Tony was born in Oakland California in January of 1970. He grew up in Fremont and was exposed to the arts on a kick wheel in 1978. Off and until 1988 when Tony joined the military he was involved with art in some capacity.

After his exit from the military Tony explored the US and tried out many professions, from Fire Fighter to commercial real estate investment agent. In 2008 Tony returned to College intent on obtaining the necessary classes and/or degrees required to pursue a PhD in marine biology. Along that path he had taken an Art class and hasn’t looked back.

Tony has since acquired degrees in General Art as well as degrees with emphasis in Ceramics and Sculpture. He currently volunteers part time at the Chabot College School of the Arts and spends countless hours creating in his studio in Oakland. He has incorporated and can be found on Facebook as Magical Mud, Inc.

For me it is really awesome to take a bag or 100lbs+ of clay and transform them into something amazing. Like a newborn child, clay has the potential to be anything when molded properly.

Clay is cool.

Yay clay.

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