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Merry Arttoones – 2012

Merry Arttoones. Suddenly The Couch Became A War Horse

Merry Arttoones grew up in various rabbit warrens around the world including Panama,Japan, and Germany. But the perks were: Kabuki Theater in Kyoto, France with its Van Goghs,Gauguins, Picassos, and the Louvre; the wood carving of the Black Forest area in Germany . Also her parents dragged her to every Hapsburg Castle and Baroque Church they could find. Really, a rabbit could not ask for better prep to the life of an artist.
In the roaring 60’s she survived the Corcoran “HowStonedCanYouGet” Museum School in Washington, D.C. But still managed to learn stuff from two great teachers there: William Woodward (Painting) and Harold Isen (Drawing). After a sobering dose of reality –ten years wandering unchained around Plato’s cave– she attended Mary Washington “HowHighCanYouHop” College in Fredericksburg, Virginia. There, Japanese potter, Tehuro Hara, taught her the rudiments of clay. She also discovered the “BestHopping” adjectives to use on tests, thus graduating with Phi Beta Kappa and Summa Cum Laude “HighestHoppingHonors” carrots. Later that same the college taught her an awful lot about censorship…but that’s another story. Hopping ever higher she went on to the Maryland “YouAreSoPriviledgedToBeHere” Art Institute, MICA, in Baltimore. Ahh, but there in the Hoffberger Graduate School was the saving grace of painter, Grace Hartigan. Merry benefit from Grace’s unfailing eye and her blessedly short and to the point critiques. Another boon were the undergraduate courses in classical figurative sculpture. Merry, ever the contrarian, graduated with an MFA in Painting while presenting a thesis of sculptured assemblages. This thesis earned her the Walters “YouDidn’tHopThroughOurHoop” Fellowship to travel to various rabbit warrens in Europe. But oh what rabbit warrens! Rome, Florence, San Giovanni Rotundo, Munich, Paris, the Riviera!! Alas, reality check!
Returning to the US she hunkered down to the impoverished life of an artist. Later she was hired to teach others. HowtoHopThroughTheirHoopArt”, while subversively changing the curriculum to “HowNotToHop” Art. She finally escaped teaching about 15 years ago, having hopefully loosed some chains. Merry Arttoones now spends her studio days in the company of the Muse… building a life in clay…a medium, wonderfully pliant, yet challenging, perfected in fire. She believes that this process fragile and finite in its nature…somehow echoes in eternity …no more hopping…lots of hoping…

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