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Antonia Lawson





Antonia Lawson is a Ceramic Sculptor who creates unique hand crafted pieces. Her sculpture is both fun and thought provoking, a way of expressing her views both politically and aesthetically. The work spans from whimsical anthropomorphic animals and bikinis to landscape paintings on a sculptural form. She hand builds unique pieces and is passionate about her work. She discovers herself via her art, as her imagination is incredible and boundless. Antonia’s family, an upbringing in Asia, science,and the world around her has a profound effect on her choice of subject matter.

Inspired by the Mediterranean and North American Landscapes, the sculptural forms that I have developed over a decade become my canvases for using a watercolor technique where I draw and paint the visions I have into the topographical forms of the sculptures. Concerned about the environment and the impact of mankind throughout the world I feel compelled to record these snapshot vignettes of our beautiful surrounding landscapes before they are ruined or disappear altogether. I use my Canon camera to record landscapes as I travel and refer back to these pictures as needed.


-Antonia Lawson

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