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Artists 2013

Katherine Dube

My path as a contemporary visual artist emerged from a career in the sciences. Passion for the scientific processes and curiosity of mechanisms bridged perspective in developing my artwork. As a self-taught ceramic artist, the heart of my work integrates a visual articulation incorporating scientific research and literature with a systematic approach to ceramics. Each piece reveals a unique observation of an ecosystem, natural event, or of mathematical origin.

I use porcelain and stoneware to build the foundation, offering a balance of fragility and strength. I enjoy experimenting within a monochromatic ceramic palate. Some are glazed in a high gloss, matte, or unglazed in its raw high-fired form.

Time provides a framework, patiently working on each section as weeks turn into months: the repetitive process of hand rolling and individually measuring each clay piece before altering and attaching. Equating to almost a linear progression of thousands of pieces coming together.

I enjoy the process of discovery, starting with familiar forms of nature and to allow the habit of inquiry and love of complexity of form to take hold in my work; exploring the connection between science, contemporary art and the natural world.


Katherine Dube: "Halo Droplets"

Katherine Dube: “Halo Droplets”

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