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Artists 2013

Mikey McGhee

Born and raised in the small community of Wasilla, Alaska, Mikey was surrounded by the Mountains and tribal art of Alaska. At a young age, she discovered how much she appreciated the fine arts. Working as a Cosmetologist for years was once her primary outlet of releasing her creative energy.

Through an amazing series of events Mikey and her family moved to the Midwest in 2002. She began developing her own artists network to support her creative explorations.

She creates primarily in 3D utilizing ceramics, concrete, wire and wood while she explores the 2D world with drawing, painting, and photography.

Nurtured by the majestic wilderness of her childhood environment, combined with her curiosity and appreciation of the Midwestern life style, Mikey’s artistic energy comes out through a sometimes complex figure or a deceivingly simple design. Most recently she began to show work throughout the region and has been garnering more gallery interest.

Mikey McGhee: Miyoshi

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