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Barbara Sebastian- 2012


Barbara Sebastian returned to school in 1985 at the age of 43 to receive an MFA from San Jose State University.  Then she began creating very large architectural scale ceramic wall works for corporate environments, and, painted murals directly onto the wall at various venues.  Since then, Barbara has continued to explore and expand her creative work in many realms.  Most recently, while having a wonderful experience with a Raven and a persimmon in Japan, she began a new journey with ravens and their magical nature.  She was featured in the 3rd World Ceramic Biennale in Korea in 2005 with “Tea Anyone,” a small sculpture with a Raven and with teacups stacked on its back.  This image led to teapots.  In the last two years, the Los Angeles Museum of Art, and the Japanese American Museum have purchased her teapots for  various events. Most recently, she participated in a ceramic event at AMOCA (the American Museum of Ceramic Art) in Pomona, California with her teapots.


Technically, these teapots are wheel-thrown, fired and assembled.  Barbara responds to clay as it is being formed.  Whether the object is precious jar, magical raven teapot, or a very large wall work, it is all metaphoric, a part of a much larger journey.


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