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Artists 2013

Cindy Williamson

Cindy Williamson has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions and is an active member of the Bay Area ceramic community.

Cindy Williamson brings new ideas and interpretations to the Bay Area Figurative Art movement that began in the 1950′s. Continuing the conversation of artists such as Viola Frey and Joan Brown. Williamson adds her own sense of humor to the mix using anthropomorphic figures that have an unsettling ambiguity. In her award winning series White Sheep, Black Sheep she presents us with an unexpected twist of hauntingly bold human faces emerging from the bodies of sheep, the meekest animal. Her creatures are filed with human motivation posing in animal bodies that seem to be able to reason and converse with each viewer using the viewer’s own personal visual cues and conclusions.

Williamson is able to weave these ideas in simple and elegant sculptures. She is active in the creatively rich San Francisco Bay Area art community.














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