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Bruce Cadman- 2012






I was born in Quincy, Massachusetts in 1950.  At the age of 3 my family moved to Stockton, California.  I attended local schools through Jr. College.  I then moved to Sebastopol, CA to continue my studies as an art major at Sonoma State College, where I was influenced by ceramics instructor Gary Molitor.

It was while attending Delta College that my love for clay was nurtured under the guidance and direction of Bruce Duke.  It is his influence that has stuck with me throughout my life.  Many accomplished students have passed through Mr. Duke’s classes.  Most notably being; Viola Fry, Bill Abright, Joe Mariscal and Michael Lucero.

After college I went to work for the Western Pacific Railroad as a Conductor.  I married and had four sons (my most notable works to date).  The art that I produced during this period of my life mainly consisted of school projects and gifts for family and friends.

My sons are all grown and I have retired from the railroad.  After a slight detour in life you can say, in a sense, I have come full circle.  I enrolled in a ceramics class being taught by Joe Mariscal at Delta College.  It was with his encouragement and a comment he made “you could have been a contender,” that has brought me to where I am today.  I am just a guy doing what he loves to do.  As a boy I liked to play in the mud.  Nothing has changed but my age.  You are never too old to dream.

A special thanks to Joel Blum for his friendship, support and telling me to jump.

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