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Jane McDonald- 2012

I reside and maintain my studio in Petaluma, California, where I teach small classes and workshops. I am also an adjunct instructor at San Francisco State University. I received my MA in Ceramics from SFSU in 1983.

Having returned to Sedona, Arizona, each of the past 30 years to visit my parents, I’ve been drawn to the beauty of the desert and especially the expressive ribbed saguaro cactus of the lower elevation foothills.

My vessels and totems are classical in form yet manipulated. This allows me to explore the use of textured clay with intersecting vertical and horizontal lines and to infuse the natural beauty of the saguaro with a touch of humanity.  Using bold and contrasting glazes, I aim for a flowing movement encircling the surface of the form, as you might see in the subtle twist of a body engaged in dance or expressive motion.

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