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Ceramics Annual of America 2013


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Merry Arttoones – 2012

Merry Arttoones grew up in various rabbit warrens around the world including Panama,Japan, and Germany. But the perks were: Kabuki Theater in Kyoto, France with its Van Goghs,Gauguins, Picassos, and the Louvre; the wood carving of the Black Forest area in Germany . Also her parents dragged her to every Hapsburg Castle and Baroque Church […]

Janis Mars Wunderlich – 2012

My recent work explores the idea of “accessorizing” with children. Sometimes I feel as though my wardrobe consists of kids from head to toe. Instead of “artsy” or fancy accessories and jewelry, I have children hanging from my ears, neck, and arms! In a sense, the mother figure seems hidden or lost behind all the […]

Tony Perry

  Tony was born in Oakland California in January of 1970. He grew up in Fremont and was exposed to the arts on a kick wheel in 1978. Off and until 1988 when Tony joined the military he was involved with art in some capacity. After his exit from the military Tony explored the US […]

Monica Chapon- 2012

Monica Chapon was born in Pittsburgh, PA and studied Glass at the Cleveland Institute of Art, where she earned her BFA. She also holds an MA in Art Education from Case Western Reserve University and an MFA in Ceramics from Cal State Fullerton. She has exhibited her artwork nationwide and specializes in glass and ceramic […]

Joseph Mariscal- 2012

Mariscal is a full time art instructor at San JoaquinDelta College in Stockton, Ca. Also at Delta College, he studied ceramics with Bruce Duke ,whose ceramic program produced, Viola Frey, Michael Lucero and Bill Abright .  Mariscal has taught in very diverse venues  to include  a school for  developmentally disabled adults, a state prison , […]

Jenni Ward

My work focuses on how organic forms interact and engage with the space they encompass. I create abstract arrangements reflecting the biological world of seeds, pollens, bones, shells and entomology. My pieces explore the tensions of opposing forces with results that evoke contrary feelings of unshackled captivity, organized randomness and the density of negative space. […]

Hollie Dilley

My art is born from a world that calls to me, a world I do not understand, but I am extremely drawn to it.  Every piece I make brings me that much closer to understanding this reality.  I cannot define it, all I can do is make these inspirations a reality with my art.  Luckily […]

Evan Hobart- 2012

Evan Hobart was introduced to clay as a young child in 1993, when he participated in a ceramics after school art program in the San Geronimo Valley in West Marin, California. Hobart received his Bachelor of Arts from Humboldt State University in 2004 under the tutelage of Keith Schneider, Jim Crawford and Louis Marak. He […]

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