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Ceramics Annual of America 2013


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Cindy Williamson

Cindy Williamson has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions and is an active member of the Bay Area ceramic community. Cindy Williamson brings new ideas and interpretations to the Bay Area Figurative Art movement that began in the 1950′s. Continuing the conversation of artists such as Viola Frey and Joan Brown. Williamson adds […]

Guangzhen Po Zhou- 2011

Guangzhen Zhou (1953- ) was born in Shanghai China, he is a ceramic artist, writer, curator, a member of UNESCO International Academy of Ceramics, a guest professor of Fudan University-Shanghai Institute of Visual Art, and the founder of Chinese Ceramic Art Council USA. Mr. Zhou came to the US in 1989 and received his Master’s […]

David Kuraoka- 2011 David Kuraoka: Making a Life Out of Clay by Maria Porges Over the last four decades, David Kuraoka’s extraordinary level of dedication and productivity has allowed him to develop several different bodies of accomplished work.  The most important of these include the thrown and altered pit-fired forms for which he is best known; vessel-based […]

Glenn Takai- 2012

Long recognized as one of the important artists who emerged after the creative milieu of the University of California, Davis in the 70’s and 80’s, Takai has become a significant figure in his own right. He created a body of work distinguished by its breadth and personal vision, even though Takai’s work came on the […]

Claudia Tarantino- 2012

  Claudia Tarantino uses the unique properties of porcelain to construct trompe l’ oeil sculptures that are refined and detailed. Themes of nature’s life cycle as well as serving and sharing food infuse her sculptures with luscious vitality. Mingling familiar imagery and objects which speak to human interaction and relationships, her arrangements of boxes, cookie […]

Bar Shacterman- 2012

Bar Shacterman’s interest in clay was originally inspired by traditional Japanese clay work. His work is also inspired by the great contemporary clay artists Peter Voulkos and Paul Soldner. I often think of my self as “A Hole in a Flute” (Hafiz, Sufi teacher). The images, experience, fascinations that are my life move through […]

Peggy Snider

Peggy Snider received a BA in painting and theatrical design from Bennington College in Vermont, apprenticed on Broadway for two years, and in the 60′s, she answered San Francisco’s call and became designer-in-residence for the San Francisco Mime Troupe. Peggy co-founded the Pickle Family Circus. where she designed the sets, props and costumes for nearly […]

Cynthia Siegel

Cynthia Siegel focuses her work on the expressive possibilities of the figure, incorporating a multitude of cultural and natural influences. She received her MFA in from San Jose State University, and currently teaches in the ceramics departments of Cabrillo College in Aptos, and Foothill College in Los Altos Hills. Cynthia Siegel lives and works in […]

Barbara Sebastian- 2012

  Barbara Sebastian returned to school in 1985 at the age of 43 to receive an MFA from San Jose State University.  Then she began creating very large architectural scale ceramic wall works for corporate environments, and, painted murals directly onto the wall at various venues.  Since then, Barbara has continued to explore and expand […]

Patrick Siler

Patrick Siler has worked with large scale ceramics, including ceramic walls and obelisks, since the early 1960s when he trained and worked with Peter Voulkos at the University of California, Berkeley. Since then, he has experimented with introducing imagery to clay, but has also worked in painting on canvas as well, albeit on a large […]

Tiffany Schmierer

Tiffany Schmierer creates assembled environments with a visual density of pattern with a visual density of pattern, imagery, and detail. Rather than edit down to the minimal, she embraces the complexity of our visual culture. Her current work is inspired by the intersections between the natural and constructed landscape. She makes connections between disparate parts. […]

Juan Santiago- 2011

Juan Miguel Santiago is an artist based in Oakland, California. Santiago’s ceramic figures, like religious idols rescued from the “House of Wax” just as the flames began to rise, combine religious and cultural associations to an effect that is eerie, seductive and personal. The resemblance of religious statuary traffics in associations of worship, reverence and […]

Lisa Reinertson

  Lisa Reinertson is known for both her life size figurative ceramic sculptures and her large-scale public sculptures cast in bronze. Her work ranges in content from her poetic female figures with animals in clay, to historic bronze monumental portraits of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Cesar Chavez, in which she blends narrative bas relief […]

Andy Ruble

Currently the Director of Ceramics at Foothill College, Los Altos Hills. The heart of his work is the hybridization of organic and architectural structure, and he is currently working on his “Structural Relic” series. As objects in nature and manmade objects reflect the same natural laws, we see in his work how the analogous structures […]

Gail Ritchie- 2012

Gail Ritchie is a bay area ceramic artist and instructor.  She received her BA in art education from San Jose State University and MA in ceramic sculpture from San Francisco State University.  She has taught ceramics, china painting and watercolor at the Sharon Art Studio in San Francisco, and ceramics at Mission and West Valley […]

Linda Fitz Gibbon- 2011

I grew up in New York, graduated from Yale University with a double major in Art History and Music, was a book designer in New York and Chicago, and have lived in Davis, California since 1988. Ceramic teachers include Peter VandenBerge, Bob Brady, and Steve Kaltenbach. I was an Artist in Residence at Anderson Ranch […]

Kathy Pallie

                        Kathy Pallie enjoyed a career in commercial art, designing products for retail store windows and interior displays, trade show booths and special events.  This involved working with many different materials.  When she retired and put her hands into clay, she knew this was […]

Elizabeth Levine- 2011

Elizabeth Levine lives in New York, and maintains a studio in the South Bronx. Over the past twenty years, her career as a studio artist has taken her from making functional vessels to sculptural installation and modeling the figure. Art enlivens my days, as dreams do my nights. Each day brings new ways in […]

Rene Martucci- 2012

René Martucci received her bachelor of arts degree from the University of California, Davis where she studied with Robert Arneson, Manual Neri and Wayne Thiebaud. Working under the guidance of Robert Arneson, Martucci developed solid craftsmanship and a desire to explore and challenge herself as an artist. While a student, she sculpted at the ceramics […]

Carmen Lang- 2012

I see the human body as a container of impulses. The body as physical life which entails a personality. I am interested in the psychology of characters who are constantly in contact with their feelings, explorers of sensation. Through modeling these figures I want time to be suspended, prolong the action that is happening when […]

Antonia Lawson

        Antonia Lawson is a Ceramic Sculptor who creates unique hand crafted pieces. Her sculpture is both fun and thought provoking, a way of expressing her views both politically and aesthetically. The work spans from whimsical anthropomorphic animals and bikinis to landscape paintings on a sculptural form. She hand builds unique pieces […]

Diane Levinson- 2011

Diane Levinson received her B.A. in Sculpture from State University of New York at Binghamton and her M.F.A. in Ceramics from San Jose State University.  She currently teaches ceramics and art history at Bellarmine College Preparatory, San Jose CA. I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to explore the effects of wood-firing clay thanks […]

Eusebio Lozano- 2012

  Eusebio Lozano earned his BFA from San Jose State University with a primary emphasis in painting. Lozano currently works out of his home studio in Hayward, California in ceramics and painting. My current ceramics work is wheel thrown, then either saggar fired or pit fired in a reduction environment. In ceramics, I strive […]

Margaret Keelan

Margaret Keelan has received both a BA from the University of Saskatchewan and an MFA from the University of Utah. She has taught at the University of Saskatchewan, Richmond Art Center, San Francisco State University, and is currently the Associate Director of the School of Sculpture at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. […]

Coeleen Kiebert

Coeleen Kiebert received a Bachelor of Science, Fine Art from the University of Minnesota. She has attended both the Oomoto School of Traditional Japanese Arts in Kameoka, Japan, as well as the Chinese School of Traditional Painting in Beijing, China. My inspiration for creating ceramic sculpture is to explore the unseen in order to […]

Francisco “Pancho” Jiménez- 2012

Pancho holds an M.F.A. in Ceramic Sculpture from San Francisco State University, and his BA degree from Santa Clara University. He has exhibited extensively in the San Francisco Bay Area and nationally at museums, colleges, universities, private galleries and civic spaces. His work is part of the permanent collection of the University of San Francisco […]

Mattie Leeds

Mattie Leeds has been making pottery full time for 42 years. He studied classical Chinese painting with Y.C. Chaing, a master of Chinese arts, he studied pottery with Michael Frimkiss, a renowned potter and student of Peter Voulkos. Since 1980 Mattie has studied the figure. Creating portraits that tell each models unique story. His […]

Susannah Israel

Susannah Israel’s career distinctions include the prestigious Fletcher Challenge Premier Award, a Virginia Groot Foundation Award, an MFA in Ceramics at SF State University, residencies at the Archie Bray and the Doelger Art Center, and writing on contemporary clay artists. Israel has given many workshops, and also worked in factory sites in California and Kansas, […]

Arthur Gonzalez- 2012

Arthur Gonzalez is an internationally exhibited artist with over thirty-five one-person shows in the last twenty-five years, including seven in New York City. He has received many awards including the Virginia Groot Foundation twice and is an unprecedented four-time recipient of the National Endowment of the Arts grant within a ten-year period. He is a […]

Michelle Gregor- 2012

        California artist Michelle Gregor lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Her career as a sculptor spans 27 years.  Michelle heads the Ceramic Department at San Jose City College.   She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from University of California, Santa Cruz and a Master of Fine Arts […]

Jon Gariepy- 2012

I have spent many magical hours exploring harbors and quiet old boatyards and am especially moved by aged and battered vessels. There’s a kind of meditative energy emanating from them. I imagine that our human energy is absorbed by the objects we love and spend a lot of time with, and then, as they decay […]

Natasha Dikareva- 2012

Natasha Dikareva was born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine and also studied in St. Petersburg, Russia during the hey-day of Soviet power. The genre of Soviet realism permeated Dikareva’s young creative life. The narrow standard of approved art inadvertently pushed Dikareva to develop her own symbolic language. In 1995, an opportunity arose to move to […]

Jeffrey Downing- 2012

        Originally from Buffalo New York, Jeff Downing discovered the art of ceramics in 1982 while studying music composition at the State University of New York at Purchase. The first ceramics class he took proved so rewarding from a creative standpoint that it altered the course of his studies inspiring him to […]

Nuala Creed

Nuala Creed, born 1954 in Ireland, moved to the US as a young adult and now lives in Petaluma, California. She earned her BFA in Ceramics with High Distinction from California College of the Arts in 1999. She has exhibited widely in the US in over 80 juried and over 70 invitational group shows. She […]

Lisa Clague- 2012

              Clague, who grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, studied at the Clevland Art Institute where her father, a metal sculptor, was a professor of art. Her mother was a potter. Her early ceramic efforts were traditional pottery, but she soon moved on to create more abstract forms that were […]

Jennifer Brazelton- 2012

  “Relationships and interdependence are building blocks for Jennifer Brazelton’s work. She draws inspiration from visual patterns as apparently unlike as San Francisco bus lines, viral colony growth patterns, and machine gears.  Order and place in these structures are emphasized like links in any living chain.  Organic forms of expansion, like molds, dictate the conversation […]

Wesley Anderegg- 2012

          Anderegg received his BS in Geography from Arizona State University, Tempe, and has been a Resident Artist at the Archie Bray Foundation in Helena, MT, and at Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Snowmass Village, CO. “I have always been a people watcher. In he firstgrade I did not play […]

Lauren Ari

Lauren Ari is a Northern California artist who focuses on drawing and mixed­ media works. She holds a Masters in Fine Arts from U.C. Davis. Her work is in the permanent collection of the Museum of San Francisco. She was awarded scholarships to Vermont Studio Center, Pilchuck and Penland. Lauren has also published illustrations in […]

Steve Allen-2012

          Steven Allen serves as the Ceramic Director for the Richmond Art Center and teaches classes there, as well as Ruby’s Clay Studio and the Walnut Creek Civic Arts. Childhood memories are at the heart of Golden Spike and the Art Train series.  I hear the train in the distance.  […]

Richard Akers

Whether I execute my ideas in stone, bronze, wood or paint the artistic inspiration has always come from clay. When clay is worked with the hands or on the wheel, it is a solid made fluid by motion. As I work the medium is fluid, when I stop it becomes static. That is why, regardless […]

Amber Aguirre

Amber Aguirre is a nationally exhibited artist working in Hawaii. In kindergarten, Amber made her first ceramic piece.  It was a blue ashtray with her palm-print in it.  From the moment she saw that a malleable piece of dirt could be turned into a rock hard waterproof item, she was hooked on clay.  Much […]

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