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Ceramics Annual of America 2013

Artists 2013

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Mikey McGhee

Born and raised in the small community of Wasilla, Alaska, Mikey was surrounded by the Mountains and tribal art of Alaska. At a young age, she discovered how much she appreciated the fine arts. Working as a Cosmetologist for years was once her primary outlet of releasing her creative energy. Through an amazing series of […]

Geordie Shephard

My art practice is inspired by things experimental, humorous, speculative and introspective, weaving narratives or extracted snippets into new combinations that explore the grey-zone in-between the real and the unreal, nothing and something, memory and history, and craft and art, ultimately striving for an uncanny balance of double vision. My range of influences is broad […]

Geetha Alagirisamy

Mostly abstract and unconventional, Geetha’s paintings and sculptures comprise a multitude of media, ranging from charcoal to ceramics. She derives much of her material from her travels and her humble beginnings in the multiracial and multilingual Singapore, with the cultures and languages of her Chinese mother and her Indian father. Her paternal ancestry from four […]

Golly Peeters

My devils are as human, as humans are devilish. There is nothing unknown about one “species” to the other. Devilish in appearance, they are human in feelings, dialogues and actions. Pride, intelligence, falling in love, humour are all part of the “scene”. I mix reality with fiction & mythology and have total freedom in doing […]

Junghee Nicole Sohn

Junghee Sohn is a ceramic sculptor based in Seoul, Korea.  She graduated with a B.A. in Art History from Barnard College, NY and a Masters in Ceramic Arts from Hong-Ik University, Seoul.   Her work is whimsical yet somber at the same time.  A true homage to dark comedy, she offers a  bold and unapologetic take on […]

Katherine Dube

My path as a contemporary visual artist emerged from a career in the sciences. Passion for the scientific processes and curiosity of mechanisms bridged perspective in developing my artwork. As a self-taught ceramic artist, the heart of my work integrates a visual articulation incorporating scientific research and literature with a systematic approach to ceramics. Each […]

Susana Arias

Susana Arias was born in Panama City, Panama.She lives in Santa Cruz, California where she is a sculptor and painter.In 1987 she was the recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts Grant for her sculpture series “Earthworks”In 1997 Susana won the “Environs Enhancement Award” from Cal Transfor her public art Sculpture “Finding our Past” […]

Calvin Ma

I utilize the action figure form in my sculptural work to explore personal issues and struggles with social anxiety. As an adult, I face difficulties in the social environment. Meeting new people, being in the company of strangers, crowds, peers and intermittently among friends and family brings about a heightened nervousness that takes over and […]

Cathy Feiss

In my artwork, I am interested in expressing what I can’t express easily in words. When I was younger, I was very interested in poetry and I feel that my interest in the visual arts comes from the same source, involving the construction of a kind of visual poem. Much of my work process is […]

Spring Montes

  “Ceramics historically has been used in utilitarian objects that are representative of both personal and domestic interactions. Within my work, I explore our modern interactions through globalization, transportation, pollution, and their effects on natural systems.  I try to bring complex systems like climate, air pollution, and their global effects into an intimate, human scale.  Through […]

Tony Perry

  Tony was born in Oakland California in January of 1970. He grew up in Fremont and was exposed to the arts on a kick wheel in 1978. Off and until 1988 when Tony joined the military he was involved with art in some capacity. After his exit from the military Tony explored the US […]

Jenni Ward

My work focuses on how organic forms interact and engage with the space they encompass. I create abstract arrangements reflecting the biological world of seeds, pollens, bones, shells and entomology. My pieces explore the tensions of opposing forces with results that evoke contrary feelings of unshackled captivity, organized randomness and the density of negative space. […]

Hollie Dilley

My art is born from a world that calls to me, a world I do not understand, but I am extremely drawn to it.  Every piece I make brings me that much closer to understanding this reality.  I cannot define it, all I can do is make these inspirations a reality with my art.  Luckily […]

Carol Fregoso

            Carol Holtaman Fregoso sculpts stoneware. Her pieces, primarily human figures, sometimes portraying small, reverent persons, sometimes larger, bolder, articulate individuals, translate a bond between daily life and spiritual life. The sculptures have a kinetic quality; the women and men characters mean to move through the ceramic. And ironically, in […]

Cindy Williamson

Cindy Williamson has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions and is an active member of the Bay Area ceramic community. Cindy Williamson brings new ideas and interpretations to the Bay Area Figurative Art movement that began in the 1950′s. Continuing the conversation of artists such as Viola Frey and Joan Brown. Williamson adds […]

Tiffany Schmierer

Tiffany Schmierer creates assembled environments with a visual density of pattern with a visual density of pattern, imagery, and detail. Rather than edit down to the minimal, she embraces the complexity of our visual culture. Her current work is inspired by the intersections between the natural and constructed landscape. She makes connections between disparate parts. […]

Kathy Pallie

                        Kathy Pallie enjoyed a career in commercial art, designing products for retail store windows and interior displays, trade show booths and special events.  This involved working with many different materials.  When she retired and put her hands into clay, she knew this was […]

Susannah Israel

Susannah Israel’s career distinctions include the prestigious Fletcher Challenge Premier Award, a Virginia Groot Foundation Award, an MFA in Ceramics at SF State University, residencies at the Archie Bray and the Doelger Art Center, and writing on contemporary clay artists. Israel has given many workshops, and also worked in factory sites in California and Kansas, […]

Amber Aguirre

Amber Aguirre is a nationally exhibited artist working in Hawaii. In kindergarten, Amber made her first ceramic piece.  It was a blue ashtray with her palm-print in it.  From the moment she saw that a malleable piece of dirt could be turned into a rock hard waterproof item, she was hooked on clay.  Much […]

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